what is signage printing!
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Digital printing is a newer way of printing compared to the traditional methods. It’s faster, cheaper, efficient and best of all flexible for use in massive billboard projects to tiny stickers. This is a more refined method.

When it comes to signage printing, large format printers or digital prints are capable of printing a wide assortment of things and can print with ink such as solvent ink; because of their ability to print on different materials which includes mesh, paper, photo paper, marble, glass and more.

Signage printing includes but is not limited to, outdoor posters, rigid signs, decals, banners and mesh, canvases, Plexiglas panels, billboards, vinyl Cut signs, temporary signage, ADA signs, Wooden and Metal Signs, special ink effects and more.

As compared to traditional methods, even though large format printing is faster, some commercial printing presses may provide slightly lesser details than other kinds of/ industrial printers. But, they require less laborers to work on a signal project, offsetting the price and making it much more reasonable.

With improvements in the process, higher resolution, clearer signs at faster speeds are now printable, this kind of printing is much more popular as compared to older methods and is quickly being phased in.

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